Expogenius Education Consult guide student through the entire process of applying and acquiring admission. We help you choose the destination, Course and institution that match your previous academic.


We offer Superior and comprehensive services to ensure that visas are acquired timeously. We invite you to try our services and experience true service satisfaction. We offer a range of holiday packages for premier destinations all over the world. We provide special assistance to people seeking tourist Visas, Schengen Visas, Work permit Visas and study Visas in the whole worldwide. We take care of all your arrangements, eliminating the usual hassles of booking hotels, flight and cruise.

Acquiring Student Visa includes a lot of hassles which might be quite overloading. Expogenius Education Consult ensure that the process is not complicated as it is usually is. However, we provide special counseling in the documentation and coordinate the lodging of the student application to the respective authorities.

At Expogenius Education Consult, Our Consultant assesses your profile and supports you with the overall migration process, adhering to the standard procedures declared by the government authorities. Visitor Visa allows individuals to visit Europe, USA, CANADA and other countries for business meetings or for temporary stays with family/relatives. This type of Visa is valid for three (3), six (6) or twelve (12) months.

AT EXpogenius Education Consult, Our Consults helps individuals with specific skilled to get jobs and work permit visas to work in Dubai, Qatar, Turkey, South Korea, China, Canada and Israel. We actively involved in skilled immigration processes and take pride in our services across these Countries.


⦁ Flight bookings and reservation
⦁ Hotel booking and reservation
⦁ Travel Invitation

• Admission Is 100% Assured.
• No Entry Exams
• No Initial Fees Payments
• Job Opportunities Whilst Studying
• English Medium of Studies

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